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Disclaimers and Warnings:

  • Schedules posted on this web page are unofficial and are solely for guidance.
  • Official game information is ONLY communicated between the club League Contact and the coaches.
  • During the season games are frequently moved and rescheduled and these changes may not be reflected here. The information on this web page may be out of date or incorrect. Opponents should not rely on the information here and should directly contact the coaches of the team.
  • Official game day field status information can be found at If there are cancellations the field status page should be updated by 8:30am at the latest, but we hope to have it updated by 8am.
  • During the season this page may be updated several times a week.
    Push the Refresh button in your Browser to insure you are viewing the latest copy.

Last update: 6/13/2017 11:35 PM
Canceled Games in Orange
MNJYSA PlayoffThu6/15/2017U14BF2Blue WaveDetermined Tonight 7:00 PMSnyder Ave Turf
MNJYSA PlayoffThu6/15/2017U12GF2Lady RevsDetermined Tonight 8:15 PMSnyder Ave Turf
329968BSat6/17/2017510G01HotspursEast Brunswick STA 07G10:00 AMPassaic Front

Change Log
3/2/17Initial Spring 2017 Schedule posted
3/3/17A few minor corrections
3/5/17Week A Update 1
3/9/17Week A Update 2
3/11/17Cancel Week A due to frozen snow
3/15/17Week B Update
3/16/17All Week B Home Games Canceled
3/19/17Week C Update
3/22/17Week C Update 2
3/26/17Week D Update
3/28/17Week D Update - cancel Week D grass field games
3/29/17Week D Update 3
4/4/17Week E Update
4/5/17Week E Update 2
4/13/17Week F
4/19/17Week F Update 2
4/24/17Week G Update
4/26/17Week G Update 2
4/28/17Week G Update 3 - Some grass field games moved
5/1/17Week H Update
5/3/17Week H Update 2
5/6/17Week H - Cancel grass field games
5/9/17Week I Update
5/10/17Week I Update 2
5/11/17Week I - Cancel Sat/Sun grass field games
5/15/17Week J Update
5/16/17Week J Update 2
5/17/17Week J Update 3
5/18/17Week J Update 4
5/21/17Week K Update
5/24/17Week K Update 2
5/25/17Week K Update 3
5/31/17Week K Update 4
6/1/17Week K Update 5
6/7/17Week L Update
6/8/17Week L Update 2
6/8/17Week L Update 3
6/13/17Week M Update

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